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Avocado "Sharwil" necklace

€28.00 EUR

The necklace is made of pendants and beads, everything made of Murano glass, all made by us.

Lampwork technique.

Mounted on a steel wire covered with rubber, adjustable closure in gold-coloured metal with no nichel.

Composition: avocado slice glass beads (3cm x 2cm), big coconut glass pendant (diameter 2cm), little glass avocados, little glass coconuts, glass flowers and leaves, strasses, little crystals.

Measures: diameter 12cm per side, 10 cm central pendant.

Weight: 75g.


Every single pieces is handmade and where is possible we burn our brand on it.* Because of this they could have shape and size slightly different from those shown in photos. This gives our products the garanteed originality of a handmade artisan job, making every piece one of a kind.
*for size/shape reasons of the pieces, it is not applied to all.